Cleyne Hage

Golden Retrievers

Two tests will have to be done by lunchtime. Puppy and special puppy is in the morning only.
Anybody helping and running a dog will have priority in test waiting group to make up for time. 
In the morning there will be a puppy and special puppy. People that run puppy or special puppy  
and run in the save the children too will have priority in the waiting group.
Overall organizer is Huw Jones, 01994 231 229 or mobile 078 117 5858,  
Final will be in Wales at the Gamefair in August. For other heats in UK contact him.
Monies for the puppy and special puppy will be donated to Auto neurone charity.
Pat Taft's Charity Pat's wife Jill Taft will be there on the day. Raffle prices greatly appreciated.